Test­ing equip­ment ser­vice

Your service provider in the field of measurement and calibration technology

GTÜ Prüfmittelservice GmbH is an innovative service provider in the field of measurement and calibration technology. As a subsidiary of GTÜ mbH, we specialise in the testing, calibration and maintenance of measurement technology in motor vehicle operations and car dealerships. We thus see ourselves as a partner to the automotive industry and, besides our sophisticated testing standards, we also offer you individual testing processes that are completely tailored to the needs of your company.

We test and calibrate on site


Our accredited measurement procedures take place under regulated and monitored environmental conditions in temporary and permanent laboratories. Our procedures also enable on-site calibration for permanently installed test equipment and can be transmitted to experts and test engineers via an authorisation system.

Our mobile testing units can come direct to your workshop or car dealership to carry out the necessary monitoring and calibration of your test equipment. The GTÜ mobile testing units are equipped in such a way that most tests and calibrations can be carried out in your workshop in line with the required guidelines. Afterwards, your tools, testing and measuring equipment are immediately ready for use again.

Our calibration service includes the following test equipment:

  • Roller/plate brake testers
  • Headlamp alignment test systems
  • Exhaust emission test equipment
  • Test gauges for the periodic technical inspection (PTI)
  • Clamping force measuring devices
  • Sound level meters
  • Pressure gauges
  • Torque spanners

We offer you the following:

  • Appointments that take into account your operating procedures
  • Nationwide: on-site calibration with our mobile laboratory
  • Shipping service for measuring equipment that needs to be calibrated in our permanent laboratory
  • Filing of the calibration certificates and adjustments of the due dates in our testing software administration

Complete service for GTÜ partners

The GTÜ test equipment service can handle all the administration, punctual calibration and documentation in the corresponding systems in line with the prescribed required regulations. This means that your company can safely use the necessary test equipment and test devices in the long term without any worries.

You, too, can benefit from these added values and use the time you gain to focus on your core business.

The service team of GTÜ Prüfmittelservice GmbH, the test equipment service of GTÜ, would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


TEL. +49 711 97676-950