Ve­hi­cle dam­age and ve­hi­cle val­ue


Various appraisals to suit specific needs

Whether it’s a matter of third-party liability damage, own damage claims, or damage caused by the weather or game, GTÜ experts are neutral and independent.

If damage has occurred to the vehicle, the facts of the case must be clarified quickly and reliably, and all related costs must be quantified. The GTÜ assessor will itemise your total claim against the motor insurance company objectively and transparently.

If you want to buy or sell a vehicle or have leased it, the GTÜ expert will determine the actual value of the vehicle. All factors affecting its value, e.g. accident damage or necessary repairs, are taken into account and determined accordingly.

Please note that, in the case of an existing claim, only the involvement of a qualified and independent vehicle expert, such as a GTÜ partner, combined with a vehicle appraisal, will lead to full compensation. GTÜ experts are independent and neutral, as they have no ties to any insurance company.

If damage has occurred to the vehicle, the facts must be clarified quickly and reliably and all related costs must be quantified. GTÜ experts itemise your total claim vis-à-vis the insurance company in the event of motor vehicle damage. They are neutral and independent. In this way, the GTÜ expert organisation guarantees that the injured party can claim 100 % compensation in respect of their vehicle damage. The interests of the insurance companies are not taken into account.

Third-party liability damage occurs when a vehicle is involved in an accident caused by the fault of a third party.

As the injured party in an accident, you have the following rights

  • the free choice of an independent assessor for a vehicle appraisal, e.g. from GTÜ;
  • the right to freely choose a lawyer specialising in transport to represent you vis-à-vis the opposing insurance company;
  • the free choice of a repair workshop;
  • the free choice to have your vehicle repaired now, later or not at all (if no repair is carried out, financial compensation must be sought).

An accidental damage claim occurs when accidental damage is caused by the insured person. The amount of compensation always depends on the terms of the insurance policy. As a rule, the policyholder has to pay for damages for his own vehicle.

Weather or game damage is a special insurance case that is not covered by the legally required liability insurance. For damage of this kind, an additional insurance policy must be taken out: partial cover insurance. Here, too, settlement is made in line with the insurance policy.

Would you like to sell your vehicle?

If you want to sell or buy a vehicle or return a lease, GTÜ’s assessors determine the actual value of your vehicle.

The following criteria must be taken into account:

  • Vehicle age
  • Mileage (odometer reading)
  • Vehicle condition
  • Care
  • Registered owner of the vehicle
  • Accident-free status
  • Maintenance log

The following inspection factors are checked and documented:

  • Bodywork
  • Equipment
  • Chassis
  • Aggregates
  • Electrics
  • Damage that goes beyond normal use
  • History

We determine the condition of your vehicle for you, taking into account all the factors affecting value, e.g. accident damage, damaged or missing parts as well as necessary repairs and/or depreciation from previous damage. Depending on the order placed, the dealer purchase and sale value, current market value, reduced value or replacement value of the vehicle presented is determined.

Once you have your vehicle appraisal, nothing stands in the way of selling your vehicle or buying a new one.

To ensure that the vehicle handover goes smoothly after a lease expires, we would be happy to help you with the evaluation of your leased vehicle.

The benefits of this for you are a fair evaluation (differentiation between signs of use and damage to the vehicle) and a clear and detailed lease evaluation report, which can be submitted to any manufacturer.

Special appraisals – solutions for your vehicle

You need an opinion through a technical expert if the cause of a technical defect in components (e.g. engine damage) must be determined or if a technical failure is a possible cause of the accident. This appraisal is always worthwhile in the event of a legal dispute between the injured party and the garage in order to clarify the facts.

GTÜ asscessors detemine the extent, cause and repair route of the damage. To do so, they have at their disposal, for example, measuring devices that can determine the thickness of the paint layer or an endoscope that allows them to see into the inner workings of machines and systems.