Gas propulsion systems and camping gas inspection

Gas in­spec­tions


Inspection for vehicle gas propulsion systems and camping gas

GTÜ inspection engineers carry out the periodic inspections (Gasanlagenprüfung) on gas-powered vehicles. Many of our inspection engineers can also carry out gas system installation tests, gas system tests, and gas system tests in recreational vehicles in accordance with DIN EN 1949 and DVGW G 607.

Before a retrofitted gas system in vehicles is commissioned, a gas system installation test has to be carried out. This checks whether the system has been installed in line with the regulations and whether the components are functioning properly. The gas system installation test also includes, among other things, a leak test of the gas system. This inspection is carried out by persons who have a special authorisation to do so, such as GTÜ inspection engineers.

Recurring gas propulsion inspection

In the case of a vehicle with gas propulsion, the function and leak tightness of the gas system are also checked during the periodic technical inspection (PTI). Gas detectors or leak detection sprays are used to check gas pipes.

If a gas system installation test has been carried out in the previous 12 months or a gas plant test has been carried out after extensive repairs to the gas system and the corresponding gas system test certificate is available, then this point is not required for the PTI, as these two tests are recognised here as the gas propulsion inspection.