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Special vehicles

Vintage and classic cars reflect the trends of past times: every era has its own colours and shapes. The way vehicle technology has progressed also becomes particularly clear and evident in vintage vehicles. Well-preserved and maintained vehicles in their original condition enjoy a very good reputation and attract a great deal of public attention.

GTÜ Classic partners can issue statements about the condition and value of vintage cars thanks to their qualifications and the data sources available.

Services of GTÜ Classic partners

The nationwide network of GTÜ Classic partners offers vintage and classic car enthusiasts high quality standards and all-round competent services. GTÜ is a neutral and independent expert organisation with no conflict of interest. The appraisals of GTÜ Classic partners are recognised by the leading classic car insurance companies.

You can find more information about GTÜ Classic partners on the GTÜ Classic portal at (only available in German).

Valuations for your vintage car

Perfect for vintage owners

The emotional value of your classic car is priceless. But in everyday dealings with vintage vehicles, an objective evaluation is often essential, e.g.

  • when choosing the right insurance rating,
  • for a safe purchase and sale,
  • in the event of a claim,
  • when buying a vintage car as an investment.

This is exactly how GTÜ’s vintage car experts can help you with their expertise. Thanks to GTÜ’s system, every valuation satisfies the highest quality requirements. The valuation takes into account the individual characteristics of the vehicle as the basis for an objective valuation. This also includes the condition and history of the vintage car.

Our quality for your safety

One of the most frequent reasons for drawing up an appraisal is to determine the value of the vehicle for the insurance policy. In this case, our appraisals offer the greatest possible transparency for vintage car owners and the insurance company. This is why GTÜ’s valuations are recognised by the leading classic car insurance companies.

Find your GTÜ Classic expert for your vintage car

GTÜ is a neutral and independent expert organisation. Our nationwide network of GTÜ Classic experts offers you high quality standards and all-round competent services. GTÜ Classic experts would be happy to advise you and tell you which appraisal your vehicle needs and when it makes sense to update an existing appraisal.

Find out more about the services offered by GTÜ Classic partners:

  • Valuations for classic vehicles
  • Scores on the condition of vintage cars

Brief appraisal for your vintage car

The GTÜ brief appraisal system covers the components of the standard brief appraisals on the market. This includes the comparison of the vehicle identification number (VIN) with the number listed on the ownership records as well as the external inspection of the entire vehicle. Furthermore, the GTÜ brief appraisal contains test points which, in the GTÜ’s view, are also essential for an accurate assessment, e.g.

  • the measurement of lacquer film thicknesses,
  • the inspection of the underbody, axles and braking systems,
  • the performance check when stationary,
  • the short test drive on the premises

A brief appraisal is suitable to determine the insurance rate. However, it is not necessarily sufficient for settlement in the event of a claim. In this case, a detailed valuation is advisable.

Detailed valuation report

In order to be well prepared in the event of a claim, it is advisable to draw up a detailed value appraisal. The GTÜ Classic experts take an in-depth look at the vehicle. On top of the components of the brief appraisal, further inspection points are taken into account. These are

  • a visual and functional check of all vehicle assemblies,
  • a description of and research into the vehicle’s history,
  • a test drive,
  • comprehensive and informative photo documentation.

The detailed value appraisal focuses on the overall condition of the vehicle with an assessment of the individual vehicle components. At the same time, it highlights the special features of the vintage cars. The detailed appraisal confirms the historical significance of the vehicle to the owner.

Market value

GTÜ experts determine the market value of a vintage car based on the market value analysis and the condition score assigned to it. They take into account individual features of the vehicle and the current market environment. They also calculate the replacement or reconstruction value of a vehicle.

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