Technical service

Con­ver­sion to a mo­torhome


Requirements for a motorhome

Camping holidays are becoming increasingly popular and nearly all the motorhomes on the market cannot meet demand. So why not convert your existing vehicle into a motorhome?

Such a conversion leads to a change in the type of vehicle and thus to the expiry of the current type approval.

So that the registration authority can issue an individual approval in accordance with Section 21 StVZO (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations) for your converted motorhome, you need a medication approval in accordance with Section 19 (2) StVZO. Our more than 600 qualified authorised signatories of the Technical Service would be happy to draw up this expert opinion for you.

So that your motorhome can be recognized as such, your vehicle must include at least the following equipment

  • A table and seating,
  • Sleeping places (which may also serve as seats),
  • A fixed (permanent) cooking facility,
  • Storage space for luggage and other items.

The motorhome equipment shall be permanently attached to the vehicle, but the table may be easily removable. In the case of vehicles with removable living facilities or in the case of interchangeable body coaches, the original vehicle type shall be retained. A conversion to a motorhome is not possible in these cases.

In principle, the “living area” of the vehicle is used for living purposes. If there are seats there that are also to be used during the journey, they must fulfil all the requirements with regard to seat and seatbelt mountings.

We recommend you seek advice from a GTÜ partner in your area before converting your existing vehicle to a motorhome.