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Certification of management systems

GTÜ Certification GmbH is a subsidiary of GTÜ Gesellschaft für Technische Überwachung mbH with its headquater in Stuttgart and a location in Luxembourg. It combines the extensive specialist knowledge of freelance experts from a wide range of disciplines. This enables it to achieve the optimum assessment and certification of management systems.

With our certificate, you endorse the international comparability and recognition of your company. This gives you easier access to national and international markets. Give your customers and business partners confidence in the quality and performance of your company and secure your companies continued existence. Benefit from our industry experience and versatility. The certificate of the GTÜ certification body is a “trust seal” for staff, suppliers and customers alike.

GTÜ Certification GmbH

GTÜ Certification GmbH is recognised by German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) in accordance with the European standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17021 as a competent body to assess conformity in accordance with international standards. Our certificates are valid both nationally and internationally. Our auditors are competent and experienced experts and have been working in the field of certification for many years. Thanks to a nationwide network of auditors and a lean administration, we can offer you certification at an attractive price. We aim to give you the best possible support. For us, this means interpreting and applying the standards in auditing and certification individually in line with the terms and requirements of the industry in question.

We are impartial

The certification body of GTÜ – GTÜ Certification GmbH – is an independent company. It is autonomous, impartial and not bound by professional instructions with regard to certification activities and decisions. We have committed ourselves to being impartial with regard to the certification activities of management systems. The GTÜ Certification GmbH and its employees, therefore, also do not carry out consultancy activities concerning certification or which could be regarded as compromising impartiality. We are not involved in or associated with companies that carry out any consultancy work in such a way that it could have any influence on our certification activities. By complying with these requirements, we ensure that there is no conflict of interest with respect to the requirements for independence under ISO/IEC 17021.

We conduct an annual risk analysis with regard to impartiality and conflicts of interest. These measures are monitored by our impartial steering committee. We declare that we understand the importance of impartiality in the performance of our management system certification activities and that we manage conflicts of interest in a way that does not compromise independence but that does ensure the objectivity of our management system certification activities.


We audit in a friendly manner, ask clear questions and understand you correctly.

You can find more information on certification by the GTÜ Certification GmbH in our information brochure (only available in German).

If you would like an individual offer, please complete the form and give us some brief informations.

Certification of quality management (QM) systems according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Our range of services is geared towards firms from a wide variety of sectors. They include large industrial, commercial and craft enterprises as well as engineering and architectural offices. For us, certification is not just about assessing conformity with standards, but also about checking the functionality and efficiency of QM systems. This is why so many customers place their trust in our certificate. The GTÜ Certification GmbH is accredited by the DAkkS for the following sectors:

DAkkS Accreditation Certificate

Your advantages

GTÜ Certification GmbH is the certification body for freelance experts and works with auditors throughout Germany. We can offer you the certification at favourable conditions, since we work cost-effectively thanks to our lean administration. Our auditors are not far from you, so that additional costs for travel and accommodation can be largely avoided.

We can also give you the chance to determine the status of your company in terms of certification capability via a corresponding list of questions or through a pre-audit. An optional pre-audit precedes the actual certification audit. It serves to check how ready your firm is for the certification process. By getting certified, you signal your competence to your business partners and customers and boost their confidence in your products or services.

Service and product quality

Certification serves to improve quality and so helps to maintain and increase your company’s success.

Professional complaint management

Firmly defined procedures on what is probably the most sensitive issue in the customer relationship ensure security and trust for the customers or business partners concerned.

Continuous improvement of business processes

Clear structures provide transparency, promote understanding of business processes, and lead to the minimisation of errors.

Staff motivation and recruitment

Certification of the work processes makes it easier for staff members to handle their tasks. They can then focus on quality and customer requirements.

  1. Introductory phase
    Data collection, discussions with staff, training of a management system representative
  2. Actual state analysis
    Analysis of the company structure on the basis of checklists or an inspection of the company, drawing up of a deviation plan
  3. Design phase
    Drawing up of a catalogue of measures to supplement standard requirements
  4. Documentation phase
    Compilation of documented information
  5. Implementation phase
    Introduction or implementation of the measures created
  6. Monitoring of success
    Monitoring of measures by internal audit, assessment of certification readiness
  7. Optimisation phase
    Preparation for certification
  8. Application for certification with the GTÜ Certification GmbH
  9. Document review/certification audit
  10. Creating of certificate

How to reach GTÜ’s certification body

GTÜ Certification GmbH

Vor dem Lauch 25
70567 Stuttgart

TEL. +49 711 97676-750