Oc­cu­pa­tion­al and op­er­a­tional safe­ty


Our service for motor vehicle dealerships

As an inter-company occupational health and safety service, our occupational health and safety experts can handle the tasks of the "Occupational Safety Specialist" for you and provide occupational health care that is based on the applicable national laws and official regulations (e.g. ASIG and DGUV).


The following services are included:

  • Occupational safety and medical advice
  • Performance of risk assessments
  • Annual briefings for employees – also possible as online briefings:
  • Occupational safety, occupational health, work equipment (e.g. for forklifts, lifting platforms) and hazardous substances.
  • Facilities inspections in accordance with the Occupational Safety Act and the Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV)
  • Conducting of Health and Safety Committee meetings
  • Carrying out preventive examinations, e.g. for hearing and eyesight
  • Concepts for dealing with stress in the workplace

The occupational health and safety package

In order to carry out these tasks efficiently and pragmatically, you will receive a standardised occupational health and safety package specially developed for motor vehicle operations that can be adapted efficiently and cost-effectively to any business.

This occupational health and safety package consists of the “electronic GTÜ occupational health and safety manual” and the “electronic occupational health and safety folder” for motor vehicle dealerships and contains suitable and legally compliant solutions for

  • Safeguarding your duties as an entrepreneur and operator,
  • Fulfilling the legal occupational safety requirements,
  • Risk assessment,
  • The testing of working and operating equipment,
  • Organising documentation and verification obligations,
  • Templates for the necessary occupational health and safety documents (see sample operating instructions),
  • The training and instruction of your staff,
  • Development of an efficient occupational health and safety organisation.

This considerably reduces the occupational safety workload in your company so you can make additional use of the freed-up resources.

Andreas Horn

Industrial Safety Department

TEL. +49 711 97676-724