Pol­lu­tion stick­ers


Legal regulations for pollution stickers

As a result of the “Ordinance on the Identification of Motor Vehicles with a Low Contribution to Pollution” (35th BImSchV) published in the Federal Law Gazette on 16 October 2006, towns and municipalities have been able to designate environmental zones and impose driving bans there since March 2007.

Drivers can decide for themselves whether to purchase a pollution sticker. It means that clean cars can travel freely in environmental zones. You can also get the official pollution stickers from your GTÜ expert.

How do you get the pollution sticker?

You can obtain pollution stickers from your GTÜ expert. Simply speak to them about it.

Please send us the completed order form including a copy of the vehicle documents and proof of the installed diesel particule filter by fax, post or e-mail. We will use your documents to check which colour sticker your vehicle will receive. You will then receive the sticker and the invoice by post at a price of 10 euros including postage, shipping and VAT.

The order will be processed and ready for shipment within one week. However, it can take up to two weeks to ship the badge abroad.

If you do not receive a badge, we will let you know.


Order form for pollution stickers