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As freelance, neutral motor vehicle experts, GTÜ partners help you to handle motor vehicle liability claims. A damage report issued by a GTÜ expert includes a record of all accident-related repair costs for the damaged vehicle. This serves you as a settlement template for labour costs and spare parts prices. Moreover, it helps you, as a motor vehicle company, with the full settlement of all costs. It also helps your customer to get reductions in value, loss of use and replacement vehicle costs accepted as well as to get an objective determination of the vehicle’s residual value on the regional market.

Don’t rely on insurance concepts that drive your costs up and your return on casualty business down. Use our independence to your advantage!

You have a real chance of buying the vehicle involved in an accident.

The damage appraisal carried out by a freelance motor vehicle expert is based on your hourly rate, not on an often-used local average rate that is determined and set by the insurance company.

The repair costs are determined systematically and completely on the basis of the actual repair work done by your workshop. Even items that are often not taken into account, e.g. transport costs, rental fees for sets of alignment brackets, fees for providing the lifting platform, etc., are included in the expert opinion if they are incurred.

If you take into account replacement parts surcharges in your company, you will also find these in our appraisals.

Neutral experts indicate the repair time in working days and the replacement time in calendar days. If you only settle on the basis of working days, either you or your client will also pay the costs for the rental car for the weekend.

Should it come to a court case between your client and the other party involved in the accident, the detailed description of the damage in the damage report will facilitate the presentation of evidence and can also serve as a settlement document.

The loss in value when selling a repaired vehicle that has been involved in an accident is usually no longer assessed in the claims settlement for vehicles older than five years, although there is no regulated age limit for the reduction in value. However, an established reduction in value far beyond the range of three years of vehicle age might possibly mean a higher compensation payment for your client. This is often enough the decisive motivation for buying a new car – or also a tool for customer loyalty, should it be an exotic or vintage car. In this case, even after five years, a set depreciation would be much higher than for a vehicle that is currently being produced.

Our comprehensive portfolio

We not only draw up expert reports, but also offer a comprehensive portfolio of support measures:

  • We train your employees in claims handling.
  • We provide tools for claims processing and networking, such as the GTÜ ComTool.
  • We support you in the form of settlement documents vis-à-vis the insurer.
  • Our internal quality control ensures the best possible quality of expert opinions for you and your clients.
  • We hold comprehensive information material – in digital as well as in written form – so that you can inform, advise and support your clients in the best possible way.

Your advantages as a car dealer or automotive business at a glance:

  • Determination of residual value on the regional general market
  • Full hourly rate
  • Complete statement of repair and vehicle handling costs
  • Naturally taken into account: replacement parts surcharges
  • Exact details of replacement and repair days
  • Detailed description of damage
  • Significant depreciation also for older vehicles