Col­lat­er­al build­ing


Your experts

Are you planning to carry out any construction work on the premises of your car dealership or automotive business? Whether it’s a matter of a brand-new building or just a bit of conversion work, a GTÜ expert will support you through the entire process and provide you with advice based on their many years of experience.

Damage to buildings – what to do?

It is hard for laypersons to fully recognise any damage done to buildings. That is why GTÜ and its experts are there for you. With their extensive experience and expertise, they can draw up building damage assessments and would be happy to help you clarify complicated cases of damage. The opinion of the competent GTÜ experts can often save the parties involved in the construction (building owners, planners and contractors) from lengthy disputes and construction lawsuits.

Building damage reports from the GTÜ building experts

So as to counteract structural damage as early as possible, monitoring quality during the construction phase is an important preventive measure. This can identify defects even during the planning and construction phases, so that they can then be remedied in good time.

Quality monitoring during construction

GTÜ's Construction Quality Monitoring service includes construction acceptance, construction appraisals and damage assessments, as well as arbitration in the event of any disputes regarding construction issues.

Tech­ni­cal plants sub­ject to manda­to­ry in­spec­tions

Inspections on pressure vessels and steam boiler installations as well as gas filling stations and tank installations

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