Safe­ty test


Who needs to have a safety test?

GTÜ inspection engineers work in the interests of road safety. They also implement the provisions for road safety tests prescribed by law in Section 29 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO): the safety test for commercial vehicles and buses.

You need a safety test for:

  • Buses (and other motor vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats)
  • Lorries for the transportation of goods; work vehicles and tractors etc. with a maximum permissible mass of more than 7.5 t and a maximum design speed of more than 40 km/h.
  • Trailers including “hauled working machines” and caravans with a maximum permissible mass of more than 10 t and a maximum design speed of more than 40 km/h

The vehicles listed must be subjected to the safety test in addition to the periodic technical inspection (PTI), which has a fixed date. You can find the due date of the next inspection on the inspection report or on the inspection sticker on the vehicle.

The latest PTI report, the safety test report and the emission test must be stored in the log book. The driver must keep this logbook safe and hand it over to the regulatory body in the event of a spot check on traffic.

At every pre-drive safety check, also take a look at your general inspection sticker and safety inspection sticker and check when they will expire. Arrange for a new inspection date in good time. As a driver or vehicle owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the required inspections are always carried out on time.