Mod­i­fi­ca­tion ap­provals in ac­cor­dance with Sec­tion 19 (2) StV­ZO


Tuning? No problem!

Are you a passionate tuner and stock vehicles are so not your thing? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Our more than 600 authorised signatories from the GTÜ Technical Service would be happy to advise you and provide you with the necessary modification approval.

Why modification approval?

Section 19 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) stipulates that the operating licence of a vehicle expires if structural modifications have been made which

  • indicate a risk to other road users,
  • cause a change in the type of vehicle,
  • may possibly result in the deterioration of the exhaust or noise behaviour.

For some components, a general operating permit (ABE) or a parts certificate is available and often a modification approval according to Section 19 (3) StVZO is sufficient. You can find more information on this under “Tuning and modification approvals”.

However, if your component doesn’t have a general operating permit (ABE), a parts certificate or if the conditions described in it (e.g. the area of use) are not complied with, then a so-called modification approval according to Section 19 (2) StVZO in conjunction with an individual type approval according to Section 21 StVZO is required.

This is also the case if several tuning measures have been carried out which influence each other (e.g. lowering in combination with another wheel/tyre combination).

Can my modification be registered as it is?

We recommend that you seek advice in advance from an authorised signatory of the Technical Service in your area. Our qualified experts will give you competent advice on all matters regarding the required modification approval:

  • What must be taken into account when doing the planned conversion and which regulations must be observed?
  • Which inspections/verifications are required?
  • Is the existing evidence sufficient?
  • Where can inspectias that have not yet been done be carried out?
  • and much, much more.

Ask your local tuning expert (only available in German).