Plant safety

Lift in­spec­tion


The commissioning and periodic inspections of lifts

Lifts are installations that must be monitored. Before being put into service, they must undergo a conformity assessment procedure. As a notified body, GTÜ Anlagensicherheit, responsible for plant safety, carries out the conformity assessment procedure for comissioning lifts on the market. This procedure ensures that a lift complies with all the valid specifications in line with the state of the art and that it fulfils the fundamental health and safety requirements of the EC lift directive.

During operation, the proper condition of the lift systems must be maintained and monitored. For this purpose, we carry out the periodic lift inspections (main and intermediate inspections) for you in accordance with the ordinance on industrial safety and health.

We can also inspect facilities that are subject to the requirements of the water resources act in accordance with the ordinance on facilities for handling substances that are hazardous to water.