We work closely with our partners in order to offer you assessments for the acquisition of approvals in all areas.


Automotive Testing and Engineering Center

With FAKT GmbH, we enjoy an outstanding partnership based on years of tradition. This gives us access to a huge variety of test equipment and measurement sections in the FAKT GmbH and FAKTmotion labs. Our authorized signatories also receive the best training available in the use of FAKT equipment, and are always up to date with the latest technology.

GTÜ partner FAKT is based in the Bavarian town of Heimertingen, and offers a wide range of stationary lab equipment. It is able to call upon the expertise of over 100 engineers and specialists and uses a wide range of testing systems for its comprehensive lab measurements, specialising in exhaust and noise emissions, operational reliability tests, and EMC and lighting technology tests.

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Testing and Certification Institute

We work closely with VDE in areas such as EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) testing . VDE (The German Electro-Technology, Electronics and Information Technology Association) also owns comprehensive lab facilities that can be used to test parts of any size – or even entire vehicles. Together, we can homologate any type of vehicle for you, arranging for VDE to test both EMC (e.g. ECE-R 10) and electrical safety (ECE-R 100). The remaining tests on the entire vehicle will be performed by GTÜ staff themselves, after which you will receive an overall assessment for your (electric) vehicle.

In addition to testing the EMC and electrical safety of your vehicles, VDE can also test their lithium-ion batteries. These tests focus on both safety and fatigue strength, i.e. the movement-induced load that the battery can withstand without showing notable signs of failure. The test benches are large enough to support car batteries up to 400 kg in weight, including their fixture materials.

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Allied Technology Experts Enterprise of Luxembourg S.à r.l.

ATE EL is a notified technical service for the EC and the UN-ECE, and is also accredited as a technical service in Taiwan. Renowned car manufacturers such as Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen place their trust in ATE EL’s service to obtain a variety of approvals, as do around 70 manufacturers of trucks, trailers, camper vans, specialist vehicles, motorcycles and components. Together with the engineers at ATE EL, we will guide you safely through the labyrinth of laws and regulations.

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Thanks to our close partnership with ATE EL, we can also offer you Taiwanese approvals for vehicles and components. Fast expertise – from a single source.

Overview of test procedures accredited by the Taiwanese authorities (VSCC)

In 2013, GTÜ and ATE EL joined forces to found a joint venture, GTÜ ATE EL AG, in order to benefit their customers with bundled expertise and resources.