Time for the periodic technical inspection (MOT/PTI)

GTÜ conducts the periodic technical inspection (PTI) with integrated exhaust emission tests on all vehicles (two-wheelers, cars, lorries and trailers) in Germany.

Picture: KDBusch/GTÜ

Picture: KDBusch/GTÜ

We perform the periodic technical inspection according to § 29 of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StVZO).

The periodic technical inspection goes by different names depending on the country of registration of your vehicle. In Germany it is called Hauptuntersuchung (HU), while in English-speaking countries it is known as the MOT (Ministry of Transport test), the National Car Test or the periodic roadworthiness test. Since PTI oppressive inspection the monopoly was liberated in 1990, GTÜ has established itself as a competitor to TÜV and DEKRA. GTÜ inspection engineers work on a freelance basis and perform the vehicle inspections according to § 29 StVZO and therefore carry out the activities free from commercial motivation. GTÜ engineers provide inspections according to our motto "Extra service for your safety" and will apply an inspection sticker to your vehicle if it passes the inspection.

What do the numbers on the inspection sticker mean?

On the inspection sticker the month and year of your next mandatory vehicle inspection is indicated. The number at the top represents the month of the next PTI. The number at the centre of the sticker indicates the year of the next inspection. The colour sequence changes every year and repeats itself every six years.

Missed the due date of your inspection?

Keep a mental note of the expiry month indicated on your inspection sticker. Missing the due date can be costly – as well as a higher inspection fee you may also be liable for a fine. Missing the date of the periodic technical inspection by more than two months means that your vehicle will have to undergo a more detailed inspection, which is subject to a 20% higher fee than the "normal" PTI. Contact your local GTÜ partner to find out more about costs, fees and promotions.