Emissions sticker for foreign-registered cars

Cars registered abroad also require a particulate emissions sticker in German low-emission zones. You can obtain it from GTÜ.

Cars registered abroad can be driven in German cities which have established low-emission zones when the engine is emission-controlled and the vehicle bears an emissions sticker.

Within the low-emission zones, traffic is restricted to vehicles bearing the appropriate particulate emissions sticker on the windscreen. If the colour of the emissions sticker on the vehicle is not identical to that shown on the low-emission zone sign, the vehicle may not be driven within this low-emission zone. 

Umweltzonen Schilder
Umweltzone = Low-emission zone; frei = free

Vehicles bearing one of the stickers shown on the supplementary sign are exempted from the driving restriction.

Which motor vehicles are affected?
Cars, buses and trucks

Two- and three-wheeled vehicles, machinery, tractors for agriculture and forestry, vintage cars, disabled vehicles and vehicles en route under special privileges do not need an emissions decal.

Classification of motor vehicles according to emission groups

 Euro tier Emissions group First registration of cars First registration of trucks Sticker
Diesel engines
Diesel engines
Euro 1 or lower
prior to 1 Jan. 1997 prior to 1 Oct. 1996 none
Euro 2 or Euro 1
with diesel exhaust particulate filter
from 1 Jan. 1997
to 31 Dec. 2000
from 1 Oct. 1996
to 30 Sept. 2001
Rote Schadstoffplakette
Euro 3 or Euro 2
with diesel exhaust particulate filter
from 1 Jan. 2001
to 31 Dec. 2005
from 1 Oct. 2001
to 30 Sept. 2006
Gelbe  Schadstoffplakette
Euro 4 and higher
or Euro 3 with diesel exhaust particulate filter
from 1 Jan. 2006 from 1 Oct. 2006 Grüne Schadstoffplakette
without Gasoline/gas engines Gasoline/gas engines  
Euro 1 (without lambda-controlled catalytic converter) or lower
prior to 1 Jan. 1993 prior 1 Jan. 1993 none
Euro 1 (with lambda-controlled catalytic converter) and higher
from 1 Jan. 1993 from 1 Jan. 1993 Grüne Schadstoffplakette

Note: Vehicles without an internal combustion engine (e.g. electric motor, fuel cell vehicle) are assigned to the emission group 4 (green sticker).

The first registration date is given in the certificate of registration in field “B”.

How can you obtain the emissions sticker?
Please return the fully completed order form, including a copy of the vehicle documents and proof of installation of the diesel exhaust particulate filter, to us by fax, post or e-mail.
We will then check your documents to determine the sticker colour your vehicle will get. You will receive the sticker and the invoice by post at a price of € 9.75 including postage, packaging and VAT.
If no decal can be issued to you, we will notify you of this fact.

It usually takes one working day after receipt to process orders and prepare the sticker for dispatch. However, it can take up to two weeks for stickers to arrive at addresses outside Germany.

Order form for pollutant stickers