GTÜ Plant Inspection

Picture: Fotolia

Picture: Fotolia

The safe and reliable operation of plants or technical facilities, equipment, machinery and components is playing an increasingly important role in our high-tech globalised world. Certain technical facilities which poses safety or environmental risks usually requires inspection prior to initial operation and on a recurring basis thereafter by an approved organisation.

If you operate or employ people in these certain technical facilities, you must ensure that it is inspected and kept in proper condition, perform necessary servicing and maintenance work when required and ensure that suitable safety measures are in place. The experienced experts of the GTÜ plant safety team can perform the following inspection services:

  • Steam boilers, pressure vessels and elevator and lifts, technical facilities located in explosive environments (e.g. fuel stations), among others
  • Conformity assessments for elevators and lifts
  • Inspection of facilities for handling substances hazardous to water

Having your plants of technical facilities inspected by GTÜ offers you the advantages of fair pricing and flexible inspection scheduling as well as personal service from experienced experts.

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